Russell Budd

President and Managing Shareholder - Baron & Budd, P.C.

Russell W. Budd is Managing Shareholder of Baron & Budd, PC, a law firm that has "Protected What's Right" for over 30 years.
Russell W. Budd has led the firm to its ascent as one of the largest in the country with many notable legal accomplishments.

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Mesothelioma Law Firm

Based in Dallas, Texas, the law firm of Baron & Budd, P.C. receives national recognition for its prominent role in representing the public interest and handling matters requiring complex litigation. Notably. Russell Budd helped to achieve a $4 billion settlement with Halliburton and a $3.9 billion settlement with United States Gypsum Corporation. These and similar sums directly benefited individuals and families with asbestos-related claims. Other important legal battles fought by Baron & Budd include cases regarding pharmaceutical injuries, securities fraud, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and various California Proposition 65 violations. Baron and Budd also supports an array of pro bono efforts through the Trial Lawyers for Public Justice Foundation, Trial Lawyers Care, Inc., the State Bar of Texas, the American Association for Justice, and the Dallas Bar Association’s Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program. Notably, the attorneys of Baron & Budd contributed extensive pro bono support to help families of individuals who died or were injured in the September 11th attacks.

Russell is an avid supporter of urban development, having generously supported the resurgence of West Dallas through Habitat for Humanity and the Dallas Faith Communities Coalition. He and his wife have generously contributed to Habitat for Humanity and were key donors and facilitators of an important land donation that enabled the City of Dallas to expand and connect a system of walk and bike trails.

One of the nation’s largest plaintiffs’ law firms, Baron & Budd employs more than 50 attorneys and litigates major issues across the nation. Baron and Budd maintains offices in Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, Miami and Baton Rouge. Continuing to thrive as a full service plaintiffs’ law firm, Baron & Budd was recently listed as one of the 16 most successful plaintiffs’ law firms in the nation by The American Lawyer.

Russell Budd has led the firm to its ascent as one of the largest in the country with many notable legal accomplishments. Further information regarding the law firm of Baron & Budd, P.C. can be found online at